Terms & conditions of our online services :-

shabanamprinter.com WELCOMES you to the E-commerce platform of original handicraft. We value your trust you place in Shabanamprinter.com and we believe that we will meet your faith succesasfully. All these terms & conditions are to clear your doubts regarding privacy, communication, your accounts, return & refund policy & Shipping.


Agreement of use:-

Services provided by shabanamprinter.com are been undertake & accepted by users to use this website and accept these conditions during shopping at shabanamprinter.com.This forms the bond between Shabanamprinter.com and person who access the website.
Please confirm and ratify atleast once to this terms before enjoying the benefits of the services. It is clear that under all this conditions- we,our,us- used refers to Shabanamprinter.com team.


When you visit shabanamprinter.com or any of our social networking pages/sites you have to communicate to us digitally. We as soon possible will reply or make your legal requirements complete.
Any problem occurs during processing of order then user will be notified or contacted always to its registered Number or Mails.
User have any type of complaints related to products, orders, etc. Then can make their complaints digitally or electronically through opur supporting registered mails.

Copyrights & Intellectual property :-

All contents used on this E-commerce platform are private property of shabanamprinter.com, where as the designs and patterns used to make the product are property of shabanamprinter.com. nobody access the rights to use this contents or property for any type of gain.

Accessibility to users  :-

User’s access only limited permissions to use this website as there personal use. No other than shabanamprinter.com team varies the permission to modify or change the page contents. Shabanamprinter.com have granted all required access which liable the users/customers on there actual they deserve.
Shabanamprinter.com has right to Edit, Delete, Modify any content or offers from the website without notice to anybody.

User’s account :-

Users create there account on shabanamprinter.com are responsible to maintain there account confidientally and properly along with remembering there accounts & passwords and not to share those passwords with third party users because there those accounts contains all the required information related to them. Any type of mischiefs made in users account is totally responsible to the user. If Shabanam printer found any user providing untrue information then we will immediately suspend that account or block user access to the site without any notice.

Comments and other contents :-

User’s/visitors can post reviews comments or any information which should not be the objectional for third party elements and should not be against any political campaign. Shabanamprinter.com is not responsible for any objectional content posted by users or third party.

Risk of loss :-

Any item purchased through shabanamprinteer.com is been trustly shipped to the customer’s, if any problem occurs it will be treated trustly in according to appropriate laws.

Products description :-

All descriptions of the products will be written accordingly same as the quality of product. Also shabanamprinter.com do not warrant that the description made below to the product are accurate but will be solely and trustly perfect if either you see the difference and does not like then you can return it in unused conditions.

Pricing, fee, Payments :-

Price listed for the products on our website is the actual and correct price of that products. International shipping charges may be applicable on the product price.
Product sold on our website is been processed after accepting the payment and either chances begins that the product is unable to shipped then the actual charged price will be refunded to the customer.
Due to any mispricing of product the actual and correct price of that product will be charged in the invoice no extra payment would be made by customer.
Either products price is lower than stated price or higher than stated price then the team will ask the buyer for the instructions before shipping the order.
The payment made by any user in any condition to the third party then Shabanamprinter.com will not be responsible for those.

Shipping :-

All the orders placed on our website will be responsed as soon to our convenience , normally it will take 1-2 days for processing and 4-5 working days for the delivery of that products.
Due to any problem in product availability the team will inform you under 2 working days and if possible full amount will be refunded along with appropriate reasons.
If product after shipping getting late to be delivered then you should immediately contact the courier services with your tracking no. And information which will be provided to you through invoice on your registered mail.
All the information of users placed order will be clarified to customer on his/her mail.

Taxes :-

All the orders shipped internationally will be charged customs, duties and taxes along with applicable charges according to that country by the customer. If customer found ignoring to those customs and duties the product will be returned and no refund would be made.

Return, Refunds or Exchanging Policy :-

Shabanamprinter.com allow you to return or exchange the product with appropriate reason if you are not satisfied with the product within 30 days of receiving order. We’ll exchange the product free of cost. customer would have to fill out the returns and exchange form(extract from our website in return and exchange slab). Once the paperwork will complete and will be received by us along with the product which will be exchanged or returned then the refund of payment will be made to the reference account of customer. No charges will be charged by us in returning or Exchanging the products. Shipping charges of the order will not be refunded and courier charges will be charged to customers which will required for returning the goods to our company.

Sizing :-

The sizing of the garments will be perfect as per the patterns and fabric. the size chart will be provided along with each product in their description. Please check those size charts as you are satisfied with those.

Products properties and washings :-

As Shabanamprinter.com displays only the wide range of craft BAGH PRINT  which is traditional hand block printing on fabric with natural colours and natural vegetable and herbal dyes. So the finest fabric is used in this. This handicraft products evolves the Indian tradition with fresh finish. A small number of products are been coloured by commercial dyes and other whole variety is been used vegetavble dyes which does not easily gets harmed. Only we recommend to aware it from heavy and direct sunlight fall. All varities are trustable which does not gets harmed , as well as the fabric also not gets shrink as it comes in actual standard size and length because during processing of fabric in traditional ways , washing takes place again and again and fabric gets boiled in water along with elijareen to obtain fine lustre.
The colours as of product will be actual in product images but it depends toatally on the display of different devices with different pixels and quality.

Prohibited use :-

Shabanamprinter.com has specified its terms of use and agreements and users or customers are not allowed to go against this terms.

Applicable laws :-

 By visiting our website Shabanamprinter.com you agree that in case of any dispute between user and Shabanamprinter.com team the laws of Indian government will apply and will taken under Kukshi jurisdiction in dhar district of Madhya Pradesh.(INDIA)

Disputes and Governing laws:-

In any conditions Indian Government juridicial laws will be applicable and taken in respect to the KUKSHI jurisdiction. (kukshi, dist. dhar, M.P.-454331 INDIA)

Our Aim :-

Shabanamprinter.com Aims to promote Indian traditional handicraft and make india Proud that india also contains this type of craft.Products on Shabanamprinter.com are totally handmade and handcrafted which are made using the natural traditional techniques and no natural resources are been harmed in manufacturing of products. BAGH PRINT is ancient craft which is running over from many of centuries and till today this craft is been practised in BAGH village of Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh, INDIA. This craft is totally handicraft and is also been registered under Geographical indication act 98 in 2008 (G.I.act-98). This products does not harm any part of body in any manner.and is perfect wearings for summer nwhich gives the better comfort.



All this Terms of use of our service are been made by Shabanamprinter.com and we have right to change or modify this terms and can delete anything or make changes on our website.
This terms and conditions are applicable to any user who visit’s our website.and this has no validity of expiration to this terms of uses and our laws applied.




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