The craft BAGH PRINT  which is traditional hand block printing on fabric using natural colours,herbal and elizareen dyes was been started by my grandfather late HAJI JUMMAJI KHATRI when they migrated to rajgarh dist. Dhar from sindh ( now in Pakistan ) before 1960’s this craft was been practiced firstly in RAJGARH  to meet the dressing needs of tribal’s of the locality near rajgarh this was practiced for few years till 1960’s and then finally got migrated to village BAGH dist. Dhar of (m.p.) from RAJGARH in 1960’s due to the unfulfillment of water minerals at the river in rajgarh after migrating to village BAGH again my grandfatherfather along with my family started practising the craft for the dressings of tribal like- POLKA’S , JAWARIYA LUGDA, MOLIYA LUGDA, GHAGRA , ODHNI’S AND ZAZAM ETC. These all the dressing  were been printed on pure cotton and were been used by the tribals of the locality from 1960’s . these all the dressing s were been prepared in a week and the fixed day of every week known as “BAZAAR HAAT” was conducted and all the tribals near village BAGH comes to meet their need of food,dressings and other needs. On these bazaar haat day  all our printed products were been saled in a TENT under small area. Until this beginned for many years and suddenly demand for this dressings for tribals was diminished due to increasing rate of pure cotton fabric and popularity of low costed synthetic fabric. Demand for our printed products were gone to an end ,due to this surviving life in those days was difficult for us and we was unable to fullfill our needs that was the time when there was no money to eat food both the times and we survived on  raw corn cobes. After surviving those days my father EBRAHIM KHATRI IN 1980-1990’S thought to take up my this craft to the upper level to meet the modern needs and then we inaugurated the bedsheets,saree,suits,pillow covers,table covers and many home furnishing items with new pattern,skill,designs,and printing techniques. By the time we took up my craft on state level and above to national level this got demanded in market very much and i got succeed .  after that along with modern fashioning needs i been tested this craft on different fabrics like-tussar silk,kosa silk,crep,georgette,mullberry silk etc. In later part of 1990’s this have been highly demanded in national and international markets i then innovated new different printing patterns on bedsheets and also made very succesed record of block printing on bamboo chick,banana fabric,jute ,panja durries this was been a very successful achievement for this in the history of BAGH PRINT. i have exhibited my creation in many exhibitions in india and abroad india. And my craft now is imaged all over the world as BAGH BLOCK PRINT.

My father is also been awarded by National award by Govt.of india and many other awards for his contribution toward in this craft. Faimily of  Haji Ebrahim Khatri is working till today for upliftment of this craft and our new generation will carry craft to higher level in future.