BAGH PRINT – traditional handicraft practised under bagh cluster of central india. Bagh printing is a textile decorating craft using natural and traditional implemented ideas of ancient Khatri’s/chipa’s who were migrated to village bagh in 1960’s. natural handmade colours and process came across this technique to complete the product. printing on the fabric with wooden blocks is done by hand and further processing of washing under river water are the significant. dyeing of cloth under boiling water with natural herbal dyes is responsible for the perfect colour extraction on organic fabrics.

BAGH PRINTING varies very interesting history of its enrichment and development all over the world that is only possible through crafting legends like gurucraftsman  HAJI EBRAHIM KHATRI , although he and his family is crafting the glory under this craft till today HAJI EBRAHIM is also recognised and awarded National Award by govt.of india. The Platform Shabanamprinter.com directly relates to the family of shri HAJI EBRAHIM KHATRI and gave the opportunity to world to experience the crafted products at their own places anywhere throughout the world directly from BAGH.